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September 2014 Newsletter

"TODD-MUDIE No-Limits-Magazine-Sept-2014I would like to say a huge well-done to our team. This award is more about the team as a whole than it is for any individual or select few. From our managers who work extremely hard to our guys on the ground and out on our sites, this is their award"


 Here at the Todd Mudie Group we're fair buzzing! Finalists last year, and winners this year, the mood our team after picking up the prestigious Construction Industry Category at the Business Excellence Awards 2014 is happy, high-spirited - and humble.

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Winner! Construction Industry Award 2014


Well we did it, we won our Business Excellence Construction Industry Award 2014 

We are really pleased to be in the Timaru Herald today alongside some very talented award winning companies. We would like to congratulate the finalists in our category, High Country Carpentry and Richards Building, and everyone who has supported us through out the years. Photos from the awards night are here: and on our Facebook page:


July 2014 Newsletter

Our all-weather protection system keeps our team on the job, protects our work, and helps meet deadlines.


When builders and clients need that job completed whatever the weather... we innovate! Our all-weather protection system keeps our team on the job, protects our work, and helps meet deadlines. It’s simple, but ingenious; portable, yet sturdy. Above all, it adds to our on-site efficiencies, allowing jobs to be completed in inclement weather. And that means streamlining our services for our builder clients allowing them to meet their deadlines too. And in developing this innovation we have added a new word to the language of plasterers — Awps. It stands for All-Weather Protection System. Designed by our team themselves, Awps has come at considerable financial cost, but the driving factor was not cost but increased efficiencies, especially during these winter months when short daylight hours mean any bad weather downtime halted work for the entire day. Awps is a first in our industry...

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March 2014 Newsletter

TODD-MUDIE No-Limits-Magazine-March2014

Step safely


It’s one of those things we take for granted in life. When our feet hit the floor each morning we expect to be able to stand, move about, climb stairs, wander down to the mailbox, visit shopping malls, swimming pools, take the dog for a walk. But it doesn’t always happen that way and when the ground or floors we walk on just seem to slip-slide away from under us, often it’s a trip to the hospital — where there are more tiles, and shiny floor surfaces to negotiate. And as we head out of what some might call a summer in New Zealand and towards a winter when frost and snow just add to our slippery woes, one South Canterbury company is preparing make our footsteps and treads safer with a huge range of revolutionary products that include matting for factories, offices and homes, animal housing and float treads, stair nosings, coatings for timber, tiles, concrete and pathways, grip tape for boat decks or other slippery-when-wet surfaces, and New Zealand Food Safety Authority-approved cleaning solutions for hospitality and wider industrial applications.

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