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March 2014 Newsletter

TODD-MUDIE No-Limits-Magazine-March2014Step safely


It’s one of those things we take for granted in life. When our feet hit the floor each morning we expect to be able to stand, move about, climb stairs, wander down to the mailbox, visit shopping malls, swimming pools, take the dog for a walk. But it doesn’t always happen that way and when the ground or floors we walk on just seem to slip-slide away from under us, often it’s a trip to the hospital — where there are more tiles, and shiny floor surfaces to negotiate. And as we head out of what some might call a summer in New Zealand and towards a winter when frost and snow just add to our slippery woes, one South Canterbury company is preparing make our footsteps and treads safer with a huge range of revolutionary products that include matting for factories, offices and homes, animal housing and float treads, stair nosings, coatings for timber, tiles, concrete and pathways, grip tape for boat decks or other slippery-when-wet surfaces, and New Zealand Food Safety Authority-approved cleaning solutions for hospitality and wider industrial applications.

True-Step is a company operated by Dave Mudie and the range of non-skid products and services he has available to hospitals, private homes, sporting gymnasiums, hotels, motels, airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, dairy sheds, and the marine industry, to name just a few, is simply astounding. Operating from Oamaru in the south, Aoraki Mt Cook, to the west and northwards to the Rakaia River, Tru Step is a true friend if you have the slightest concerns about your, your children’s or your elderly relative’s safety around pathways, playgrounds or other shiny or slippery surfaces. And when it comes to kindergarten safety advice, Dave is an expert with a range of soft landing products to stop grazes, bumps and bruises.

“Many people don’t realise that the reason for their aching legs and feet after a long day standing at a workstation, or area where they deliver a public service is simply due to muscle and tendon fatigue caused by nothing more than a hard surface,” Dave said. “I offer matting that on first tread will blow you away with just how soft and spongy it feels, even through heavy work boots. You feel that you could stand there all day without noticing aches and pains. And if you are an employer, your workforce will thank you for that extra comfort. “And extra comfort means extra productivity,” Dave said.

True Step offers a no-obligation consultation to advise on the best solutions for any particular environment. “Just give me a call, I’ll arrange to visit, and bring my special little machine.” He’s referring to a smart little American-made calibration unit which actually measures slip resistance of any given surface. “We know what wet glazed tiles should be to meet the New Zealand standard, but this unit puts the question beyond doubt and indicates whether additional slip protection is necessary. “It will measure to very tolerances even on an iced over sloping concrete ramp or pathway.”
For total slip protection contact Dave Mudie, True Step, on 021 943 941, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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