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July 2014 Newsletter

Our all-weather protection system keeps our team on the job, protects our work, and helps meet deadlines.


When builders and clients need that job completed whatever the weather... we innovate! Our all-weather protection system keeps our team on the job, protects our work, and helps meet deadlines. It’s simple, but ingenious; portable, yet sturdy. Above all, it adds to our on-site efficiencies, allowing jobs to be completed in inclement weather. And that means streamlining our services for our builder clients allowing them to meet their deadlines too. 

And in developing this innovation we have added a new word to the language of plasterers — Awps. It stands for All-Weather Protection System. Designed by our team themselves, Awps has come at considerable financial cost, but the driving factor was not cost but increased efficiencies, especially during these winter months when short daylight hours mean any bad weather downtime halted work for the entire day. Awps is a first in our industry. Constructed from an arrangement of aluminium poles, trusses and supports and webbed with a weather-proof liner, the Awps protects staff from the elements as well as the surfaces they are preparing. The Awps is portable, light and quick to install, has a high wind loading and provides some worker comforts in the winter months especially. But, importantly, the Awps keeps our team on the job. Gone is the need to have our team take days off and annual leave because bad weather prevents work continuing – the traditional way of the plastering industry.

We’re pumped

The innovation continues at Elite Plaster Coatings where a new plaster pump and mixer (pictured above) is totally transforming the way we complete projects. Currently, the liquid substrate that will ultimately cure into plaster coatings needs to be lifted to whatever height the building work demands – sometimes three and four storeys above ground level. It is usually barrowed or pulley-bucketed up, placing a strong physical load on our workforce. Our new plaster pump makes light of this work and will reduce the potential for on-site injuries, strain and fatigue, which in turn will translate into less downtime and more efficiencies, again helping our builder clients and private contracts to meet deadlines. With our new pump, the substrate can be pumped to a working level as high as 25 metres up scaffolding. The associated mixer first prepares the plaster to building code standards and delivers it to the pump. A nozzle is then used to spray the plaster in-situ, leaving the trowelling process to produce the excellence in finish Elite Plaster Coatings is known for. We are extremely proud of the recent innovations detailed in this publication to improve efficiencies and reduce the physical demands on our team in a working environment known for heavy lifting, as well as protecting them from the elements.

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