GIB® Fix

This is the process of fixing the GIB Board® to internal wall framing; this procedure physically encloses your internal walls and ceilings.

At Todd Mudie Plastering we...

Provide a free site measure service to determine the correct amount of Gib needed to reduce waste and on completion of the project we organise the local council to carry out a postline inspection, by doing this there is no downtime between fixing and stopping and the project stays on timeframe.

Are proud to be accredited Club Gib installers who work to the highest of standards.

  • We horizontal fix where possible to reduce the amount of joints.
  • Use most economical methods.
  • Supply all fixings.
  • Todd Mudie Plastering Recycling Program.

We are proud to be working with the Timaru District Council in a new waste management initiative. We have purchased a recycling trailer which will be located from site to site to collect all clean Gib board, this will then be taken to the TDC transfer station where it will be recycled into compost. This is a substantial investment for our company however as a team we believe in a sustainable future.

Fixing GIB® horizontally allows us to produce higher quality finish, as imperfections are more noticeable at the joins of the board. The amount of GIB Board® joins is kept to minimum, which helps achieve a more uniform appearance.

Horizontal fixing enables us to use longer sheets, which helps reduce onsite waste and hence reduces the cost. Incorrect fixing is wasteful and costly.

We are focused on minimizing waste to help reduce the impact on the environment.

At TMP we have greater control in achieving a quality finish by having both a Gib Installation team and a Gib Stopping team.

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