GIB® Supply

Todd Mudie Plastering supply GIB Board®, which is Brandz® tested and the market leader.

GIB® manufacture different wallboard products to make your home warmer, drier, quieter and more comfortable to live in.

Some of their products include GIB Noiseline® which can be used to protect your privacy and is suited or areas such as bedrooms, GIB Aqualine® for areas prone to dampness, suited for bathrooms and kitchens, and GIB Ultraline Plus®, which is used for a superior finish. These specific products are designed to enhance your living space and make you home more comfortable to live in. We are the regions only Club Gib accredited installer you can have confidence in a top quality installation process.

We can organise the project from start to finish from loading onsite with our hiab service through to installation and finally the certificate of fixing compliance with the local councils. At Todd Mudie we...

  • We site measure each job for most economical sized sheets.
  • We order to strict plan specification.
  • Fit to design specification.

Supported by Winstone Wallboards Limited.

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