GIB-Cove® Installation

GIB-Cove® is used at the ceiling to wall junction to provide an attractive curved or stepped look, while at the same time, reduces the likelihood of cracks appearing where the two surfaces meet. It also provides an attractive finish that is easily painted. GIB-Cove® offers you flexibility and design choice with a range of quality cove profiles to suit your own personal style.

At Todd Mudie Plastering we:

  • Supply and install GIB-Cove® to the highest of standards.
  • We are also able to supply and install a wide range of ornate decorative moulding and ceiling centres.
  • We are able to match and produce new cornice mouldings from your existing moulding for alterations or renovations
  • Our craftsmen installers are specialised and able to perform all forms of installation.

Learn more about GIB-Cove® product range...

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