We are proud supporters and sponsors for: Todd Mudie South Canterbury Rugby Academy, SCRFU, South Canterbury Car Club, South Canterbury Cricket Association

We are proud supporters and sponsors:

Timaru Good Sorts

We want support and encourage those who complete selfless tasks, so in 2011 we purchased a Mercedes Smart Car, and began loaning it to individuals and organisations for 3 months at a time free of charge. The car has been loaned to a deserving chap that visited those with cancer, in 2012 our car went to Barnardos who complete great work with the youth of South Canterbury.

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If you know of someone who deserves a helping hand in their endeavours to better the community, we would love to hear from you. Please call 0800 10 60 70 and ask for Todd.


Todd Mudie South Canterbury Rugby Academy


Todd Mudie South Canterbury Rugby Academy in Partnership with Crusaders Rugby Academy The aim of this Academy is to provide knowledge, support and guidance to promising young rugby players so that they can be the best they can be in both the rugby environment and life outside rugby.

Selected participants are given the opportunity to fully develop their potential in terms of physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. They will also be given the opportunity to gain the practical skills needed to set goals and maintain balance in their everyday lives. Our goal is to develop and train at a higher level South Canterbury Rugby Players between the age of 16 and 22.

This Programme kicked of in July 2009 and has had a huge impact on the academy members on and of the field – they have all worked hard and made big steps forward in Strength and conditioning. The Crusader Academy relationship has been very beneficial on our Academy boys attending trainings and class sessions with the Crusaders and Canterbury sides – but the biggest step forward for South Canterbury Rugby Union was when three of our Academy members took part in a Crusaders Development trail game in Christchurch this proving that if you play Rugby in South Canterbury and work hard doors will open.

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Roncalli-RugbyABOVE Roncalli students enjoy their skills day with Robbie Fruean

Roncalli School Rugby
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