Todd Mudie Group

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We can help... Plasterers - Gib Installers and Stoppers, Painters, Tilers, Brick & Block Layers, Non-Slip Applicators and Health & Safety Consultants. We provide professional services for all of your plasting, tiling and painting. We offer a wide range of products, Warmup®, Caviteclad EPS, EZpanel Aerated Concrete Panels, Sto Plaster and Panel Systems, GIB Cove®, Wattyl Granosite, Resene Eco, Rondo®, True Step.

We deliver quality no stress finishes on time guaranteed.

  • Saving you time
  • We customise delivery services
  • Making it faster for you
  • We offer expert technical support
  • Helping you avoid costly delays or callbacks
  • We provide comprehensive technical info
  • Giving you peace of mind

We consistently manufacture to a high standard, saving your time and reputation.

  • We are 100% behind our products and systems
  • Giving you complete confidence
  • We constantly innovate
  • Making it easier for you
  • We make it in New Zealand for New Zealand
  • Giving you 100% certainty

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